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The origin of the mame

August 17,2020.

The origin of the name "nicotine"

Nicotine is an important ingredient in tobacco. So, how did the name "nicotine" come from? It takes you to continue to understand.

Tobacco was favored after being brought to Europe. In Spain and Portugal, tobacco is cultivated as an ornamental plant. At first, tobacco seeds were generally planted in the palace gardens and were cultivated by the court doctors themselves. At that time, the princes and nobles only paid attention to its value, and only admired the beautiful tobacco flowers after tea and dinner

Later, the medicinal value of tobacco was gradually discovered. Many Europeans use tobacco as a medicine to sterilize and treat toothaches, parasitic diseases, bad breath, and tetanus. More and more people are paying attention to tobacco.

The reason why tobacco is so widespread is that the driving force of the upper class cannot be underestimated. At that time, the French ambassador to Portugal, Nicotte, was very interested in tobacco and cultivated it carefully at home. When the tobacco grows luxuriantly, he tries to taste some and feels more distinctive.

Later, Nicotte introduced it to the then French Queen Mother, Catherine, and asked the Queen Mother to smell tobacco leaves as snuff. Since then, the queen mother has fallen in love with snuff, and her headaches have been cured for a long time.

As a result, tobacco was grown in large areas in France and was named "Queen Queen", which doubled its value.

Later, to commemorate Nicotine, people named the nicotine contained in tobacco as "nicotine". At the same time, "nicotine" is also a Latin homonym for the word "tobacco".

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