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Japan Tobacco are released in new products


According to a report released by Japan International Tobacco, its company launched Logic Pro, an electronic cigarette product containing nicotine, in Switzerland last week. Japan International Tobacco was the first company to introduce nicotine in electronic cigarettes in Switzerland.

I learned from the Internet that this new product release was made after the Federal Administrative Court's decision to cancel the Swiss ban on the sale of nicotine-containing electronic cigarettes. According to reports, Japan International Tobacco's Logic Pro was launched by JTI in 2015 Tobacco brand, Logic Pro is a closed-tank electronic steam device that can heat nicotine-containing smoke liquid to produce inhalable steam. It has five flavors and two different nicotine concentrations. The raw materials are processed and produced in Europe and meet strict international quality standards. They use medicinal nicotine, propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, all of which are very popular among locals.

The company said that Logic Pro is the leading brand in the e-cigarette market. It is the number one electronic steam brand in Ireland and the number one enclosed electronic steam equipment in France, Italy and the United Kingdom. "In the UK, Logic Pro was selected as the 2018 e-cigarette in recognition of JTI's dedication to consumers," JTI said. "As the world's third largest leader in the e-cigarette category, Logic is currently sold in 11 major e-cigarette markets."

In general, regardless of whether the products are good or bad, they must be sold according to local laws. In the face of changes in Swiss laws, Japan International Tobacco Corporation seized the opportunity to successfully enter the Swiss territory. With the improvement of living standards, consumers have realized the health hazards of smoking and are looking for new tobacco products that may reduce harm. This is why international traditional tobacco giants have moved to new tobacco products such as electronic cigarettes.


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