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The EU nicotine user survey will be completed on December 31 February 1,2021.

The EU nicotine user survey will be completed on December 31

blue hole new consumption report, December 21 news, according to Vapingpost report, European tobacco harm reduction advocates (ETHRA) reminded nicotine consumers across the (EU) to participate in the EU nicotine user survey, the survey will continue until December 31,2020.

An association of 22 European groups representing consumers of safer nicotine products ETHRA launched a questionnaire last October to collect data on nicotine use across Europe. The questionnaire will end on December 31, this month, with ten language versions. ETHRA are urging European consumers to participate and calling for maximum participation and assistance in the distribution of surveys through the sharing of surveys on social media.

Another aim of the survey was to gather public opinion on possible changes in the EU-wide regulation of safer nicotine replacement products. The European Commission (TPD) and EU Directives (TPD) are currently revising the Tobacco Products Directive.

In 2016 and 2018, nearly 90% of citizens and organizations responded to the committee's public consultation and rejected the proposed amendment. A new proposed reform is expected to be debated by Parliament in 2021 on TPD and the European Tax Council.

THRA said that the survey we invite you to participate in is the only one planned to involve people's opinions on possible changes. Possible bans on flavoring, taxing or modifying container restrictions on smoking, revision of nicotine content in nebulizers and inhaled fluids, and legalization of snuff, all of which may involve tens of millions of people who smoke or use snuff, who smoke and have the potential to switch to harmless products, and social and health professionals in the field.

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